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Steve Madden Case Study

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In short order Clearhead has become a critical partner on our journey toward data-driven decision-making.
Mark Friedman, President of Ecommerce, Steve Madden
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Simplifying Checkout to Increase Revenue: An Experiment

Steve Madden, one of the most iconic brands in footwear, was started with an $1,100 investment and a single store in Queens, New York. Today it is sold in over 80 countries worldwide and the company netted $1.4 billion in sales in 2015 alone.

One aspect of the business that’s helping to drive Steve Madden’s growth: ecommerce. To further increase the momentum fueled by online sales, the Steve Madden Digital Team looked to create a testing and optimization program that would bring rigor and data-first process to their digital UX.

With that in mind, they came to Clearhead with three specific objectives:

  1. Improve conversion rate on
  2. Implement/leverage Optimizely
  3. Expand Steve Madden Digital’s technical resources.

Mark Friedman, President of Ecommerce at Steve Madden, also had the overarching goal of changing the culture to embrace test and learn as a way of life.


The online checkout process is bogged down by lengthy verbiage and many distractions. The team needs a way to increase checkout conversion rate by eliminating superfluous information and keeping customers focused on the sell.


I believe that if we simplify the checkout flow by paring down content, then customers will be less distracted. If I am right, then order conversion will grow.


This test was a winner! The simplified checkout flow led to a 3.81% increase in order conversion rate.

What contributed to these positive results? The paring down of text helped move both the product summary and estimated order total higher on the page, nudging visitors to continue through the checkout flow. Additionally, removing clutter on the page helped visitors focus on the primary goal of the cart page: getting information about the order and advancing to checkout.

Clearhead delivered the results of this test to the Steve Madden team in the format of a data story. Data storytelling is a key component of Clearhead’s methodology, as it allows the insight delivered by each test to be easily shared and consumed throughout the organization, from the c-suite to the practitioner level.  This reinforces the importance of test and learn throughout the culture.

Beyond the Test

More important than any single test was the change in mindset for the Steve Madden Digital team. Today its culture is one of bold experimentation, allowing continuous and iterative testing to guide future growth.

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