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We provide daring, entrepreneurial digital executives with the extra brains and brawn needed to fully utilize digital analytics and A/B testing practices and to drive disruptive results, change and learning.

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Our Services

We provide our partners the full breadth of services required to build and sustain a data-driven organization.

Strategic Consulting  Strategic Consulting

Before companies begin to significantly resource analytics and testing in their organization, they often ask themselves “What does it mean for us to be data-driven? How would it even work? What would it look like?” Because it’s difficult to rebuild the ship while you’re already at sea, we help our clients re-imagine a “digital optimization” organization from the 50,000 foot view to the ground floor.

Organizational Blueprint

Based on a thorough assessment and synthesis of your current approach to analytics and testing, we design a new blueprint for organizing team members around the utilization of data.

Business Process & Workflows

The roles and chart are simply the first steps. An optimization program requires definitions, deliverables, workflows, service levels and plans to get things running. We help bring the blueprint to life.

Best Practices

We know the tools, strategies and trends that are working (and not) in the market. We can help you avoid common pitfalls and adopt better tools and methods. Just ask us.

Training & Education

Digital optimization includes new concepts and practices that need to be described through a simple vernacular and workshops that are accessible and (yes) fun. We not only fish for our clients; we teach their teams why fishing is fun, how to fish and then, we take them out fishing with us.

Testing, Analytics & Optimization Support  Testing Analytics and Optimization Support

Once the digital optimization model is designed and ready for action, our clients often find that they need extra muscle and brains to augment their current team or scale the operation. We offer a team of nimble, expert, Clearhead-trained digital optimization all-stars to dive right in and bring the promise of Clearhead to life.

  • Instrumentation Assessment
  • Tool Selection &ROI analysis
  • Tool Implementation
  • Instrumentation Operations & Support
  • Employee Training & Workshops
Performance Measurement
  • KPI Definition
  • Baseline & Target Development
  • Dashboard Design
  • Dashboard Instrumentation & Automation
Hypothesis Development & Validation
  • Generative Research
  • User Testing
  • Hypothesis Prioritization
  • Test Planning & Design
  • A/B & MVT Testing
  • Test Analysis
  • Understanding & Adoption of Results
  • Segmentation Targeting & Personalization

Needle Movers. Hypothesis Validators. Digital Innovators. Debate Enders. Free Thinkers. Stats Nerds. Change Agents.

We are all of the above.

Why Clearhead?

1. We were you

Once upon a time (not very long ago) we were the client – leading our own ecommerce and product development teams. We carried the responsibility of delivering on P&L commitments, developing our organization and driving growth. For years we wrestled with, and continuously refined, a process for managing teams and business decisions in a simple, data-driven, transparent way. Clearhead is the culmination of that experience.

2. We end the dabbling and the debates

We are obsessed with how lean, data-driven practices drive smarter and more profitable businesses. If you fear that, in your company, “analytics” has become a euphemism for over-reporting and that your big decisions are still mostly driven by gut, we can help you change that (quickly). A clearheaded digital business is one that has a merit-based, sustainable approach to inspiring, validating and pursuing ideas that are most likely to improve business performance and satisfy customer demands.

3. We build a better engine

Analytics is not a tool or a bunch of really smart people staring at numbers. Testing is not simply a designer with some JavaScript chops. Analytics and testing -- the people, processes and tools -- are all part of a singular commitment to employing data to develop, test, validate and act on ideas that are most fruitful and least wasteful. We call that commitment “digital optimization.” We take all of the parts -- the ones you have and the ones you need -- and combine them to build you a working model for data-driven optimization that works and lasts.

Our Process

The “Clearhead Process” is a simple, but meticulous, step by step approach to developing, prioritizing, validating and learning from well-articulated digital business hypotheses. We have designed our process in such a way that it integrates well with most any set of stakeholders and roles and can be easily understood, adopted and replicated by even the most complex, legacy organizations.





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Change faster. Win faster. Fail faster. Learn + improve continuously.

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  1. Effectively Communicating Analysis Results: Austin DAA Symposium Keynote

    As a long-time Digital Analytics Association (DAA) member, I was thrilled to not only get to attend the Austin chapter’s symposium this week, but to be invited to deliver one of the keynotes.

    The theme of the day was “Digital Analytics in the Real World,” so I chose to present on the fact that, in the real world, analysts have to wear a lot of hats beyond simply “the person who does analysis” if they really want the fruits of their labor to drive meaningful actions within a company.

    I recorded one of my runthroughs of the presentation prior the event, which is available in the video below (it’s almost like being there…without the spontaneous aside to the audience to “bare their armpits” when asking for a show of hands):

    If 38 minutes of video isn’t your thing, you can flip through the slides below: