Optimization Accelerators

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We know you aspire to be a data-driven organization, but how do you realign your people, process, culture, technology and capabilities to make that a reality?

Our optimization and personalization accelerators turn buzzwords into real change and action. We remove the ambiguity, connecting your present capabilities to achievable future opportunities. But unlike traditional management consultants, the deliverable is not merely a presentation, org chart, binder on a shelf, set of data points or technology stack. We work alongside your team to implement, practice and measure these custom solutions together. 

A typical engagement with Clearhead’s consulting practice includes:

  • “Defined objectives.
  • Defined SMART goals.
  • Workshops, stakeholder interviews, and surveys that help define the biggest problems standing in the way of your goals.
  • A prioritized list of your biggest problems.
  • A Problem Solution Map (PSM) which is a clearly defined map for working through the problems that most threaten data-driven behavior and improvement.
  • Test hypotheses for solving those problems.
  • Solution blueprints to solve those problems, working hand-in-hand with us. It’s never just strategy with us.
  • The confidence of knowing that your partner is able to both design the ship AND help you build and sail the ship.

At the end of this journey you get a true understanding of where you are on our Clearhead Digital Maturity Journey. We also provide custom consulting options around training/certification, playbook development, organization design, roles and responsibilities, technology recommendations and workflow/process design. All of these are available as potential solutions to help move you forward on your Digital Optimization Maturity journey. 

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    3601 S. Congress Ave.
    Bldg. C302
    Austin, TX 78704
    United States
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  • Cincinnati

    1311 Vine St
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    United States
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  • London

    14 Grays Inn Road
    WC1X 8HN
    United Kingdom
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