Data-driven Redesigns

When it comes to your biggest digital investments, the timeline can be tight and the stakes especially high. Optimization often gets put on hold during site redesigns and new product launches, yet that is precisely the time you should be testing your way to success. With a focus on systematic validation and rapid iteration, we ensure your new experience delivers.

clearhead data driven redesign

Data-driven redesigns include:

  • problem identification
  • solution hypothesis development
  • usability testing
  • wireframing
  • prototype development
  • visual design
  • front-end development
  • measurement plan
  • iterative rollout plan
  • post-launch optimization

Built with the same DNA as our digital optimization program, the data-driven redesign is tailored for disruptive solutions on mission-critical timelines. There is additional emphasis on problem identification and discovery, ensuring a comprehensive set of hypotheses is developed and prioritized. Then solutions are systematically and repeatedly tested through wireframes, prototypes and gradual rollout. Data is injected into every step of the process, building confidence throughout the project. The result is a successful launch that is optimized for your KPIs and ready for continued improvements.

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