(Cart) Abandonment Issues

A Vitamix Case Study

Clearhead has truly become an extended part of the Vitamix team. They’ve helped us to produce and deliver relevant, personalized experiences that create more meaningful and effective journeys for our customers.
Allison Vrtovsnik, Global Sites Manager, Vitamix

Digital retailers frequently share many commonalities, not the least of which is a fear of (cart) abandonment. With all of the effort put into driving customers to the site and pushing them through the purchase funnel, it’s painful to see highly engaged users leave without making a purchase.

Vitamix, a 96-year-old, family-owned company, has long held a reputation amongst commercial chefs and home users alike for producing the highest quality blenders with great performance, durability and reliability.

Vitamix’s savvy digital team came to Clearhead with the goal of better converting cart abandoners returning to the website. Read on to learn how we helped Vitamix overcome its (cart) abandonment issues.

The Approach

Before ever diving into wireframes or testing, every Clearhead engagement begins with Problem Solution Mapping (PSM).

PSM is a supremely simple & road tested framework for achieving desired outcomes in every part of the business through data.

There are three main steps to PSM:

  • Define Goals: Identify and prioritize business goals, gaining buy-in from all relevant stakeholders.
  • Problem Discovery + Validation: Next is an incredibly crucial step: identify, validate and prioritize the friction points that stand in the way of achieving those goals.
  • Develop + Map Hypotheses: Finally, develop solution hypotheses for overcoming the BIGGEST problems standing in the way of those goals, prioritizing based on effort, potential impact on the business and likelihood that the hypothesis is true.

By orienting all design and UX investments around an agreed upon set of goals we want to achieve and problems that stand in the way of achieving those goals via PSM, we consistently demonstrate increased odds of generating ROI (what we refer to as the Physics of ROI).


vitamix cart page

no cart left behind: an experiment to improve order conversion rate

To test our hypothesis, Clearhead used Optimizely X Web Personalization to develop a personalized experience for each return visitor. The new experience added a mini cart functionality to Vitamix’s site.

Once a return visitor lands on Vitamix.com, the mini cart auto-pops with special messaging in a bright blue box, presenting a list of items in their cart with a call-to-action to proceed to checkout or view their cart.


Vitamix.com was seeing nearly 80% of shopping carts created by site visitors abandoned. The good news: many of those abandoners returned back to the site. These visitors demonstrated shopping intent by adding a blender to their carts, and exhibited further interest by returning to the site. However, Vitamix’s current experience—a subtle “cart icon” color change for returning visitors that had previously added items to their carts—was not capitalizing on this highly engaged segment.


I believe that if we remind users of items left in their cart the last time they were on the site and provide direct links to checkout from the reminder itself, then we will drive order conversion rate. If I am right, we will see an increase in checkout starts from return visitors, which will translate to more orders.


We have a winner!

By providing a reminder to visitors of their previously carted items, we saw an Order Conversion Rate lift of +13.65%.

Listening to customer signals via analytics allowed us to uncover and resolve user experience friction points.  This resulted in not only a more seamless experience for Vitamix.com visitors, but also more revenue for the business. A true win/win.

Beyond the Test

A single experiment can have a big impact on ROI–just like this one did for Vitamix. But optimization goes beyond a singular test. By adopting “test and learn” as a way of life, Vitamix’s digital team is now able to confidently take bigger swings and drive more revenue for the business.

Ready to get personal with your customers? We can help.


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