July 31, 2013

The Data-Driven Employee Oath

Our defining business hypothesis at Clearhead is that real digital optimization requires executive sponsorship at the top, the right culture at its foundation, and a well defined set of roles and processes in the middle. Contrary to popular assumption, we have found that the effective employment of data and testing doesn’t begin and end with a smart analyst, split testing whiz and some fancy tools.

To this end, we put our “client hat” back on and recalled that short time ago when we used to run the digital business and had our teams of designers, UX experts, product managers, developers, marketers and merchandisers chasing growth and enlightenment. With hindsight being 20/20, here is the oath we would have written for each team member (including ourselves) to swear to. We encourage you to make this your own and to provide feedback!

Without further ado, here is The Data Driven Employee Oath:

  1. I promise to learn the definitions of and relationships between those key metrics that drive our business forward.
  2. I promise to increasingly understand the data sources, dimensions and availability that are required for the tracking of those key metrics.
  3. I promise to stay closely aligned to the performance measurement of our business based on these key metrics in relation to baselines and targets.
  4. I promise to always articulate hypotheses I have for positively impacting the performance of these key metrics.
  5. I promise to consider how customer segmentation and/or targeting could improve or refine these hypotheses.
  6. I promise to learn about the ways in which these hypotheses could be tested or validated.
  7. I promise to base my proposals and decisions on the validated learnings derived from hypothesis testing.
  8. I promise to never ask our analysts to “find insights in the data” unless I have clearly stated a hypothesis or contemplated action.
  9. I promise to help simplify and/or automate the reports I share so that they only reflect a succinct, digestible view of key metrics.
  10. I promise to evangelize for a company culture that engenders smart, creative hypothesis development and validation over (but not at the exclusion of) reports, loud opinions and fancy technology.
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