July 25, 2016

The State of Ecommerce Redesigns 2016

I went through three redesigns when I ran consumer Dell.com.  I understand a large redesign is a six to seven figure investment, thousands of hours of work and — more frequently than many would like to admit — driven simply by best practices and an agency’s attractive designs rather than data. 

Through Clearhead, we work with some of the world’s leading direct-selling brands on their site redesigns. I’ve noticed — especially since we launched our Data-Driven Redesign service — that the frequency of questions I receive on the topic rapidly increasing:

  • How do redesigns go?
  • How much data are others using to drive their UX?
  • How are redesigns typically defined?
  • What are the best reasons to initiate a site redesign?
  • What capabilities are most critical and lacking in executing a redesign?
  • What were the results of the redesign?

Of course, we have our opinions on these questions, but we decided to take a data-driven approach to answer some of these questions.

We conducted a survey and in-depth interviews with over 200 of your peers, including qualitative interviews with executives from WWE, REI, Express, Rainbow Apparel, Kohl’s, Tommy John, and others.

Here are some teasers of what we learned:

  • 56% of sites are launched with a all-in ‘big bang’ approach
  • 43% say they launched a redesign because the “site was stale”.
  • UX research and design is the most critical skill lacking in doing redesigns.
  • 67% say undefined goals as the biggest risk to a redesign.
  • Only half of respondents test wireframes.
  • 55% say they don’t’ validate assumptions because they don’t have the resources.

There’s a lot more, including 10 key findings and the Clearhead founders Nine Principles for Future Redesigns based on this research, our experience as ecommerce executives, and discussions over the past years with over 60 clients.

Check out the full Site Redesign Report here. Or download the pdf here:


We’d love to hear what you think, and how it relates your own experiences with ecommerce website redesigns.

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