January 23, 2013

AdAge on the new marketing funnel

On our reading list: Reach, Depth, Relationships: The New Funnel

This article from AdAge makes the argument that in reality there are three very different marketing channel categories that require three very different engagement strategies.

To quote:

Depth channels tell your product’s story. Your website, your stores and your salespeople serve a common purpose: To give your customers and prospects the detail they’re seeking when they explore your product and to guide them to a purchase.
Relationship channels serve your existing customers. Most of the people who sign up for your mailing lists or follow you in social media are satisfied customers. These channels aren’t about attracting new audiences or directly driving sales; they’re about staying in touch with your biggest fans.

Reach channels get you into the consideration set. Word of mouth and unbranded searches are the two channels your customers use most to discover products, followed by traditional channels like TV ads and in-store displays. Your purpose for using these tools is to encourage customers to explore your offering in greater depth.

There’s something about this rings true.

Check out their infographic break down below and read the rest here:
Reach, Depth, Relationships: The New Funnel (via @adage)


Savvy marketers are building their "Reach and Depth and Relationship" channels into "marketing RaDaRs," as illustrated here.

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