October 13, 2016

Optimize Everything: Why Optimization is Becoming THE Thing

Optimize Everything: Why Digital Optimization is becoming THE thing

You did it! You’re running some A/B tests and maybe even a multivariate test here or there on your ecommerce site. But are you using optimization to guide your organization, or are you simply dipping a toe in the waters of testing? Asked another way: how much impact have your optimization efforts had on your business? Are you using experimentation to test some colors or using it as a core competency to build confidence in big decisions?

Across the board, we see a big gap in the challenges of direct-selling business and how testing and experimentation are marginalized to achieve those goals. You’re likely tasked with some BIG growth targets and daunting KPIs, and it takes more than a few simple split tests to achieve that kind of change. It takes a grander shift in thinking, and a cultural commitment to truly allowing data–from analytics to voice of the customer feedback to usability testing–to shape the path of the business.

In search of a way to invigorate staid and legacy processes? Prove that your bet is worth the investment with cold, hard data. Planning your product roadmap? Testing and data will show you what your customers want, allowing you to innovate faster.

As we like to remind our clients, optimization isn’t a thing…it’s the thing. It’s bigger than button colors or dedicating a small subset of your team to analytics and digital optimization. To unleash the real power of optimization–to use it as a means to grow an entire business or unit–the commitment to risk taking and experimentation must infiltrate an entire organization and reverberate throughout its culture.

Our founders, Matty Wishnow and Ryan Garner, recently spoke on this very subject at Opticon in New York and San Francisco. In their sessions, titled “Optimize Everything”, they describe how optimization — specifically through the Clearhead Problem Solution Mapping (PSM)™ framework — can help you solve your organization’s BIG problems.

We invite you to watch the recording of Matty’s session (below). We’d love to hear what you think, and how you’ve used optimization to fuel the growth of your digital business.

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