September 7, 2016

9 Principles for Your Next Ecommerce Site Redesign

The Future of Ecommerce Site Redesigns

Bob Dylan once sang, “Times they are a changin.” While I have a hunch his lyrics were likely not in reference to a website redesign project, our recent survey of over 200 ecommerce leaders taught us they may as well have been.

If there’s one thing we learned through our survey, in-depth interviews and our own years as ecomm execs, it’s that site redesigns in the future are unlikely to get easier.

In fact, we hypothesize that they’ll likely be more difficult, thanks in large part to the following factors:

  • Flattening of organic ecommerce growth
  • Increased competition (especially from Amazon)
  • Maturing of the mobile channel experience
  • Greater availability of precise performance data
  • Higher customer expectations due to the ubiquity of sophisticated UX

For the above reasons, we believe the redesigns of the future will feel different. What will or should the next wave look like? Here are our nine principles for the ecommerce site redesigns of the future:

  1. More iterative redesign approach.
  2. Stronger UX research to validate assumptions and solutions
  3. Increasingly specific definitions of “success”.
  4. Clearly defined baselines, targets and time bases for goal & KPI improvement

  5. More analytics & research resources to identify problems & validate solutions throughout the redesign process.
  6. Clear definitions of key segments the site needs to serve (and clear hypotheses for serving those specific segments).
  7. Greater understanding of “mobility” and “omni-channel” behavior and recognition of key use cases for adaptive experiences.
  8. Increased pressure for measurable improvements immediately at re-launch (as opposed to generous “bake in” periods).
  9. A desire to reduce the “cost to serve” websites, wherein many manual, time consuming site sections & activities will be called into question.

I invite you to read our full explanation of the above principles, as well as more details on the results of the full survey of over 200 ecomm leaders, in our Ecommerce Site Redesign Report.

How do you think site redesigns in the future will differ from how we approach them today? We’d love to hear your thoughts.

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