March 24, 2016

Introducing our Optimization & Personalization Accelerators

Over the last year, with increasing frequency, Clearhead has heard a common set of questions from executives who are about to embark on optimization efforts. As we prepare to kick off testing and personalization programs, these digital leaders realize that there may be cultural and practical hurdles to completely embracing a new data-driven approach. It challenges the status quo, ingrained habits and legacy systems within their businesses. They want to know how to prepare and align their departments. They want to rethink how UX and product decisions get made. They want to assess old workflows and the tools they use to execute. They want to increase the velocity and scale of optimization programs. They want to expand the impact of test-and-learn outside core teams. Because their goal is not to simply launch experiments — it is to inject data into all things digital.

When we first heard these concerns, our solution was to simply provide ad hoc advice and direction in response to specific questions. As a principle, we believe that change is best delivered and adopted through practice rather than prescription, so we would meet with stakeholders to work through the Clearhead process together. And in those early meetings, distinct patterns began to emerge. Our clients would describe issues of staffing, capabilities, process, workflows and technology. They all had the appetite to optimize and personalize but they were unsure if the practices would stick and would scale. It was also clear that the nuance of these problems were significantly different, business to business, and therefore the solutions would need to be different for each client.

These experiences inspired us to develop a service that went beyond a standard agency engagement. Clearhead is excited to introduce the first offering in our executive consulting practice: optimization and personalization accelerators.

Focusing on how people, process and technology adopt data-driven change, our accelerators are a codified method for improving the impact of optimization and personalization within your organization. Built with the same DNA as our core UX and product optimization services, we identify your unique problems, articulate solution hypotheses and then test those solutions in your business. The deliverable is not merely a presentation, org chart, set of data points or technology stack — we work alongside your team, implementing, practicing and measuring these custom solutions together.

david j neffIn addition to launching our new services, we have brought on a new executive to lead the consultancy. David J. Neff has joined Clearhead as our Vice President of Consulting. David has spent the last fifteen years in digital strategy, helping Fortune 1000 companies and large nonprofits solve their marketing, ecommerce and social business challenges.

“I am excited to make the natural progression from digital strategy to data-driven strategy with Clearhead,” David said. “When it comes to the consulting I’ve done for the last several years, running the tests and reporting isn’t the problem. The problem is moving the people and behavior, day in and out, towards more validated and likely to succeed decisions. That’s what we’re solving for with our new consulting business.”

“David deeply understands digital marketing, but is also unbelievably intuitive about product and UX,” added Matty Wishnow, founder and CEO. “He’s developed both repeatable frameworks and multi-year strategies, which gives us a tremendous amount of confidence that he’s the right leader for our executive consulting practice.”

Please join us in welcoming David to the team. A social media pioneer, he’s active on Twitter, LinkedIn and Medium. And if the optimization and personalization accelerators sound like the right solution for your company, don’t hesitate to reach out or contact David directly at


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