July 18, 2013

Getting your CEO excited about Conversion Rate Optimization

Sometimes getting the HiPPO onboard for testing and optimization is challenge.  At the end of the day your CEO only cares about growing the business and may not see the ROI for testing, so how do you get him/her to buy into an optimization program? Prove it!

A recent ClickZ post Will Your Clueless CEO Ever Support Conversion Rate Optimization highlights 3 ways to get your CEO interested.

  1. Show the CEO why his or her opinion doesn’t matter
  2. Build the financial case for conversion improvement
  3. Make the connection between CRO and marketing ROI

Now I don’t necessarily agree with #1. No matter which way you look at it, telling the CEO they are wrong never works. However, its harder to argue with the data. Find an inexpensive but reliable tool to use to run a few tests such as Optimizely. If you can get a few quick wins, show your CEO the value of testing and how you can continue to improve the business by having a practice around optimization. Note that not every test is a winner, in fact the losers are often more valuable than the winners.  You will also have many inconclusive tests, so don’t give up after 1, keep at it and run a few and hopefully those few will turn into many more.

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