September 6, 2013

Fixing the Glitch: Why I became a Clearheader

As I start this journey as a Clearheader, I’d like to introduce myself and tell you why I joined the company. I’ve had the tremendous opportunity over the last 10+ years to serve in executive roles in the digital retail and SaaS space. I have led ecommerce, sales and marketing efforts at several companies and have recently led a venture-backed SaaS start-up here in Austin, TX. In addition to my role at Clearhead I also remain an active mentor with Austin’s Techstars start-up incubator. I’ve learned along the way that I’m a business builder with a strong entrepreneurial bend. Have fun. Innovate. Kick @ss. Take names.

So, why Clearhead? Simple: we have an opportunity to fix the glitch.

At Clearhead, we deeply understand and are up to the task of resolving the unspoken pain we’ve all struggled with for far too long: lack of scalable digital optimization capabilities. As ecommerce and SaaS executives we’ve all struggled with competing requests and the fact that many of these requests are not born from data or methodical testing and analysis. The former only gets noisier and the latter causes waste that doesn’t efficiently drive business value. Yes, better SaaS testing tools have been developed – but tools alone cannot cut through the clutter. Our good intentions to leverage data have devolved into just reporting. Clearhead’s goal is to cut through the clutter with a data driven approach that advances your business based on merit and transparency day in and day out.

Clearhead fixes the glitch by helping us all develop a data-driven culture.   

While several companies might claim to offer “Conversion Rate Optimization” (CRO) or Digital Analytics services, I would argue Clearhead offers a unique value prop because of our rock star team of seasoned digital executives and our approach. In a world where the tools are getting more complex and features getting commoditized, we believe our people and our approach are the x-factor. We help you win faster and build a smarter organization along the way.

I’m excited to join a team committed to doing this right. We have been in your shoes – and have the limp to prove it. We want more than just emailed reports and the occasional test or experiment. We want more than the advice tool support teams can offer. We’re helping our partners develop the sustainable, data-driven culture required to consistently grow and learn in an increasingly competitive digital world.

That’s pretty exciting to a business builder.  

P.S. Extra 50 bonus points if you know the movie from which the “fix the glitch” quote originated. Hint: See picture above. It was filmed here in Austin and involves a printer beat down.

  • jeffreypalermo

    Office space !

  • jeffreypalermo

    Office space !

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