April 5, 2018

Webinar Recap: Conducting the Experimentation Orchestra

conducting the experimentation orchestra

Last week I was thrilled to present the last six months of data-driven consulting work with one of my favorite clients: Jill Brown Thomas. Jill is the Director of Digital Experience Optimization at Wolverine Worldwide. (And she is hiring if you like what you see!) Jill, myself and our partners at Optimizely hosted a webinar titled “Conducting the Experimentation Orchestra.”  In this webinar Jill recounted her experience changing culture and building a testing program across a large variety of distinct footwear brands. You can find the PDF of the slides here.

From alignment on people to buying technology and building process, we’ve learned a lot about what works (and what doesn’t). Yet our Optimization Journey is far from complete, as we continue to work on establishing the culture required to reach our goals.  

What distinguishes this webinar from countless others, is that Jill speaks from a place of genuine understanding and empathy—highlighting that digital transformation extends well beyond technology.

Together we tackled everything from helping Jill’s team think about people she should hire, her team’s organization, the process involved in submitting test ideas and their subsequent prioritization. As with all of our engagements, we did more than make recommendations; we worked alongside Jill and her team through each test, helping grow and scale their program.

In this webinar Jill and myself highlight:

  • Why experimentation has emerged as a priority
  • Where test ideas  originate
  • How ideas are scored and prioritized
  • What makes it onto the product roadmap
  • Three case studies across mobile homepage, promo sliders + cart
  • What’s happening in the next 12 months with their testing program

Catch the replay of our session here

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