Accelerated Learning

My biggest passion in life is for learning, so Clearhead and I are a perfect fit. As the new Senior Developer on the team, I’ve got a lot to learn. And in turn I can help Clearhead learn a lot, which is really what our industry is all about. My first week on the job was… Read More »

Experiment CSS

Thanks for joining us for today’s installment of Engineering Fridays. Today we are going to take a brief look at adding CSS to your Optimizely experiments. Many of you are probably already using Optimizely’s Experiment CSS feature. This can be a great way to add experiment-wide CSS that will run on every variation, including your… Read More »

Last month in Optiverse

Hey All! Taking the time this week for Engineering Fridays to post about Optimizely’s Community: Optiverse. We’re active participants in the Developer Forum there and get notifications as a team to chime in as needed. Post a question and we’re happy to answer! Here are some of the recent threads from last month we found interesting: Dimensions… Read More »

Performant conditional activation

Welcome back! This Friday we’re going to talk about Optimizely’s Enterprise Conditional Activation Feature and “this one little pattern” can help you write a more performant polling function. Optimizely’s docs reference two types of activation modes. 1) Polling Type: Optimizely runs this statement every 50ms to poll for a truthy value and then activates the experiment… Read More »

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