Is This Normal? Common challenges testing programs face.

Check out what Ryan Garner, co-founder of Clearhead, and Jessica Vasbinder, senior director at Warner Music Group, recently presented to your testing colleagues at #Opticon2014, Optimizely’s user conference,  Enjoy! So… you are doing it by the book. After a thoughtful search, you chose and implemented Optimizely. You’ve built organizational buy–in for testing, and your colleagues are… Read More »

Testing Inspiration: Your customer service requests are a gold mine

One of the hardest parts of running a successful testing program is consistently developing needle moving ideas to test, the key phrases here being “consistently” and “needle moving.” Typically we’ve seen testing programs teams source the majority of their testing ideas from their fellow colleagues and leadership from within their own organizations. It only makes… Read More »

“No thank you. We do not believe A/B testing provides lift” and other things we hear while selling optimization services.

As a Digital Optimization Agency, Clearhead spends a lot of time talking to potential clients and working on sales, and like anyone involved in sales, we hear our fair share of “no”.   Sometimes we are fortunate enough to get additional feedback on why the answer is “no”.  We treasure this feedback because it can… Read More »

AdAge on the new marketing funnel

On our reading list: Reach, Depth, Relationships: The New Funnel This article from AdAge makes the argument that in reality there are three very different marketing channel categories that require three very different engagement strategies. To quote: Depth channels tell your product’s story. Your website, your stores and your salespeople serve a common purpose: To give your… Read More »

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