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Join us for The Virtual Optimizely Experience

Join Clearhead for The Virtual Optimizely Experience on Wednesday, December 3rd starting at 9:30AM PT.  It’s an action-packed agenda filled with a/b testing use cases and customer examples, real tips to develop a modern optimization program, and a look into where digital optimization is headed in 2015. Interested?  Please sign up here:  http://clrhd.me/1ug0sFK The agenda… Read More »

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What it (Really) Takes: 3 absolutely indespensible elements for digital optimization

The internet is full of compelling examples of “winning” A/B tests that promise marked conversion or revenue growth. Similarly, there are countless articles about what it takes — from executive sponsorship, the cultural development to the critical roles — to develop a successful testing & optimization program. We are active participants in these discourses. We… Read More »

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Splitting Hairs: Conversion optimization vs. hypothesis validation

In meeting with many amazing brands each week that are smart, well-staffed and committed to A/B testing, I observe a common trend in how these businesses talk about and organize around the practice. Shadow Development Commonly, in these businesses, the design, engineering and product management resources are consumed entirely by major initiatives, driven by executive… Read More »