June 25, 2015

Announcing the Data-Driven Redesign

During last week’s Opticon, co-founder Ryan Garner announced Clearhead is rolling out a new service: data-driven redesigns. As part of the panel on Website Redesign Strategies, he outlined the current state of redesigns, noting they are often driven by stakeholders rather than users.

“We often see redesigns start with solution orientation, and then they tend to be very insular,” said Ryan. “Everything is about which platform or what tools, rather than delivering an optimized experience.”

Inevitably this approach leads to uncertainty, falling metrics and unhappy users. But we know there is a better way. Built with the same DNA as our current offerings, Clearhead’s data-driven solution ensure sites are tested and validated before, during and after launch.

Here are Ryan’s slides diagnosing the problem with today’s redesigns, as well as defining a better approach:

current redesign process

current redesign problems

data driven redesign clearhead

data driven redesign benefits

Both the problem and solution resonated with audience members and Optimizely experts in the room:

For those who want to learn more about this new service offering, stay tuned for a full exploration of data-driven redesigns.