the validation and optimization agency

We help innovative companies employ a/b testing, personalization & analytics in pursuit of continuous, data-driven improvement.

Our team is expert in the tools & methods you are hearing so much about. We built Clearhead to deliver what you really want— confidence through data.

we’re in the hypothesis validation business.
here’s how we do it.

miles walked in your shoes.

services tested on real problems

Running the tests isn’t the problem. Reporting isn’t the problem. The problem is moving the people and behavior, day in and out, towards more validated and likely to succeed decisions. That’s what we’re solving for.

digital optimization

You’re designing, building & trying new things every day. Expectations are mounting. Through A/B testing, personalization and analytics, we ensure that your website investments aren’t just “approved”, but optimal.


The decision has been made. For something this big, the process should be informed by solutions validated by your customers. Ensure your redesign doesn’t simply get out the door, but is destined for success.


Of course you want to test & optimize. But you’re not sure if your org chart and internal culture and practices support these new rules. Let’s define what is really required to get to that aspirational “to be” state.

We tame & humanize the data.

data stories that inspire change

We believe in making data useful to everyone — from intern to CEO. By presenting data as narratives that answer the “what” & the “why,” we turn reports into can’t-miss meetings that provide exceptional clarity. The best way to show you? By showing you a few of our own favorite stories, of course.

We discovered Buildium could increase subscriptions by asking for more information

see how

We learned that Blu Dot customers like a pretty email but love a gorgeous catalog.

see how

We revealed how powerful benefit-based price tables are for Village Roadshow themepark goers.

see how

Something we love: transparency.

years of tested hypotheses

We’ve investigated every corner of every funnel in most industries. Our arsenal of experiments is growing every day, and will be at your fingertips for figuring out what works, and what doesn’t.

If it exists, we’ve tested it.

  • Brands & retailers
  • Media & publishers
  • B2B & SaaS
  • Small changes with big lift
  • Big changes with lots of risk
  • Every corner of the funnel
  • Many variations & permutations
  • Complex targeting & segmentation
  • Every device type
  • Yep— we tested that, too

Scores of tests later, we’re still at it.

today’s investigations:

Every minute of every day, we’re gathering data, getting smarter and optimizing together. Whatever the device, platform or success metric, we investigate it what the data story means and how to optimize.

3-Step Checkout

kpi order conversion rate

duration 53 days

Encourage Add-To-Bag

kpi cart conversion from PDP

duration 26 days

Nav Redesign

kpi request for info conversion rate

duration 32 days

just having the data is not enough.
here’s why we do it.

We're proud of our scars.

we were you

We’ve been on your side of the table. And, along the way, came to realize that optimization isn’t just another thing, but that it’s the thing. Clearhead was started because we believe that analyzing isn’t the same as optimizing and that it’s time to graduate from buzzwords to simple & sustainable data-driven improvement.

Curious about how clearhead started?

read matty's story
read ryan's story

Every day, I have to do more, faster, with less, but it’s hard to build a better ship while already out at sea.

How we accelerate change and improvement

It’s a challenge finding capable new hires for optimization and, further, it’s hard to get new headcount approved.

How we join your teams

sound familiar?

We’re here to listen and take your unique starting place seriously. Whether your organization is large or small, an optimization machine or a total greenhorn, we’re here to help.

Everyone is committed to optimization here, but I still feel like we are just doing the bare minimum.

How we get you to world class optimization

We capture lots of data. Report on a million things. But “data” has become a four letter word here because nobody really does anything with it.

Data stories that drive improvement
When we began to embark on our journey towards data-driven Optimization, we brought Clearhead in on the ground floor. We didn't just want a partner to help with testing and analytics execution, we wanted one who had a strategy and a team that made our business and organization more data driven. Together we've done all of the above.

John Satterley

Group Director, Digital Development at Village Roadshow

we're in this together
here’s who we do it with

Investigate with the best.

you, us and a few of our friends

We love working with clients that inspire us to be better, build better product and dare to be more customer-centric.

Ready to get started?

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2 clear-heads are better than 1

we join forces

If you want team that’s wholly invested in bettering your business, and not simply managing a problem, you’ve come to the right place. Consider us your secret weapon for simplifying both the small tasks ahead and the big steps towards change.

Success starts with the best team.

who you'll work with

More than just practitioners, your co-pilots are fun, middle-brained thinkers who’ve studied the tools of the trade and practice validating and optimizing — a lot.

strategic partners
optimization directors
project managers
UX + interface designers
front-end developers
data analysts

Practiced with your partners.

we use your tools, without bias

Fluency among the industry’s best providers and proven technologies? That’s just part of the package. Discover the benefits of working with a team that knows the technology.

analytics tools we use

  • Google Analytics
  • SiteCatalyst
  • Coremetrics
  • Crazy Egg
  • Bloomreach

platforms we work with

  • Demandware
  • Adobe Target
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Hybris
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Sitecore
  • SAP
  • Many, many more